Sunday, April 3, 2016


Mondays are garbage pick-up days in Chel. We have been encouraging clean streets and clean home sites in anyway we can.

Although we are a long way from winning the battle we are seeing good results.

It is  mandatory that a recipiente of a stove work four days cleaning streets. 

Some of our garden leaders have been organizing their groups to join in the campaign. This last week they swelled our ranks to 32 workers! This is in response to a question we have been posing. What kind of community do you want to live in?
I took the opportunity to bring down seedling from the farm. I can fit 800 starts in the two boxes.
Tying together different programs only strengthens the work of community development.
 Cleaning the streets, making the kitchen safer and easier to work in and helping fill up the family garden all work together for a better community.
The Mayor of Chel decided to join in the work and recently approached us with a desire to work together. The mayor is in the stripped shirt between me and two of our community members. The other two men are hired by the mayor who took our suggestion to charge each store five quetzales a month to start a garbage service. But in truth  I am thankful for everyone on the team. Our next step is garbage cans at the soccer field.

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